03 January 2013

2 new pair of snow boots

Pair 1: Cute and furry with soft plaited pattern boots

Pair 2: Tough and stylish with Norwegian pattern boots

I needed new snow boots because "Mr snow" wouldn't stop.

I came across these 2 pair of boots and couldn't choose. Plus they were both in sale.
The both cost €69,95 and now are €34,95. So I decided to take them both.
I think "pair 1" is cuter but not snowproof as I hoped for. They're very slippery when walking in snow, so I use them for "below zero" weather. 

But "pair 2" is amazing for walking in snow! No matter how fast you walk/run you'll never slip away. Only thing I dislike about these boots is the shoelaces but that is easely fixed with black ones.

I bought these 2 pairs in a Dutch shop called "Bovendeert"