07 February 2013

Pink cute binders + little camera necklace

Super cute baby pink binders
I saw these 2 binders standing on a sale display in the "Marskramer".
(a Dutch store where you can buy housekeeping goodies)
I thought that they were so cute and PINK :D and they were only €1,50. So I really had to buy them...

why? I have no idea, just wanted to have them for storage.
Still have no Idea what to store in them :) 
maybe something that has to do with my blog, Important data or what so ever.

And I got my package from China :)
I bought a camera necklace, because I love having my new camera so I wanted to have a little something hanging aground my neck to remind me of it:)

In my oppinion I think the necklace is a bit too flat and wide, I probably didn't take a good look at the picture. But it is cute, just for $3,50! :)
So I decided to hang it on my new cute binders as you can see on the first picture.
I think it looks really cute!! :)

If you're intrested, you can buy the necklace here: