16 April 2013

Shopping Haul! (Special) - SEPHORA , Bijou Brigitte & De Tuinen

I had an amazing discovery!

Today I went shopping in Breda, 'Cause I needed a few things that they didn't sell in Oosterhout. I went to De Tuinen, Bijou Brigitte and SEPHORA.
The first 2 shops were on my list but stepping into the SEPHORA shop was just an impulsive move. 

I only came there once with my sister to drool while looking at the Urban Decay Naked 1&2 palettes, but then we were like "nahhh way to expensive and we have enough"

This is what I bought in SEPHORA
Urban Decay - Naked palette
SEPHORA Contour eye pencil waterproof - black lace
SEPHORA - Vanilla body wash
SEPHORA - Mango body wash
 4 free samples of primer and foundation

When walking into the Sephora shop I already knew that in a few weeks it would be gone for good. (all SEPHORA shops would close and be removed from the Netherlands.) So they had big big SALE :) the only good thing about it all. So I asked a lady who worked there if they stil sold  Urban Decay make up. She said yes just a little bit, almost everything is gone. I was like ":( no Uban Decay Naked palette left?"... Nope none!
I was desperate so I started pulling al the drawers of the display stand. After opening 2 drawers I found  THE NAKED PALETTE!!! I was quietly like omg omg omg!! 

A beauty isn't it ;)
Also if you purchased 3 items you got 30% off. So I also bought 2 body washes of €0,90 each. This all together costs €50,70 but with 30% off it only was €30,42 :D How freakin' lucky am I? :D 

I called my sister to tell her how lucky I was.. lol and if she wanted something from the sale. She wanted 2 waterproof eye pencils from SEPHORA. So I took one too, 'cause it was like 3 SEPHORA items for only €10,-. Normally they costs €7,50 each.

I was ready to pay and I stood in line and every girl around me was looking jealous into my basket hihi:) and then suddenly the lady behind the cash register asked me where I got the Naked palette from. I told here that I found it in some Urban Decay drawer. Other girls from the SEPHORA shop came standing around the lady who was holding MY naked palette with open eyes. The lady said OMG you are soooo lucky! The Urban Decay palettes are sold out for over 2 weeks now in all surrounded cities! You really have the last one!

How freakinly freakishly lucky am I?!

I'm so happy, I know every beauty guru already have one or two. But this is my first one and I'm really in love with it! Look at those colors! 
I just want to dive in and smudge everything on my eyes right away, haha :) 

This little primer thingy came with it, I have no clue about it if it's good or not.

De Tuinen - Scent candles
Sea breeze > Wild jasmin > Winter evening > Vanilla

These cadles smell delicious and the scents are natural.
Sadly when you burn the candles, no scent comes off. I think it's only the layer around it that has the scent. But the colors are nice.. right?

Bijou Brigitte - 2 sets of Rose Quartz studs
I always wear my Amber studs and I wanted a new color for spring or for a day when I feel  very pink. So I bought two size for 2 in each ear :)

I got this free candy with it, I don't know why.
But after this picture was taken, the candy was gone in 5 minutes,

This was such an amazing day, Sure I'm happy with everythingI bought but the Naked palette moment stood above all :D
I feel so special ;P

Have a great day!