29 September 2013

Sweet Shop Design English Special!

Sweet Shop Design
 The most sweetest shop there is
There is a lot to tell about this cute little shop, the amazing creative artist behind it and I give you an extra funny story :D

                       etsy giveawaywinner is me

On February 24 I had entered a super cute giveaway. I found out about this through a Sims 3 download creator website called One Billion Pixels. So nice of that sims 3 creator to mention the cute giveaway from a creator on Etsy.
1,5 week later I was scrolling around in my facebook newsfeed and suddenly I saw my name! OMG I'd won a giveaway iiii how amazing :)

My prize was $25 giftcard on etsy and 3 items from her shop :D

These are the 3 items I picked
These are the 3 items I picked
Cakes Clipart
Pink, Red and Blue Cupcakes Clipart
The Butterfly Collection Clipart

The Butterflies I used for my Twitter design, I love love love them!
The other 2 sets I don't know yet how I'm gonna use them, but the are so cute, I really needed some sweetness :D

What I've bought for the $25 giftcard:
Sterling Silver Enamel Maple Leaf Pin
Sterling Silver Enamel Maple Leaf Pin
I'm a huge Autumn fan and I think maple leaves are so so pretty.
I took the time to find something that was perfect to spend my giftcard on.

my jewelry box
The perfect place
Because it's so little and pretty, I was really afraid of that if I would wear it, I would lose it. So I found this special place to pin it forever:)
This is my "daily" jewelry box on my nightstand. Ever morning and evening I open it, So I always see it every day :D
And everyday I'm greatful for this beautiful gift!

A funny Story
Maybe you figured it out already...
When the Desginer of Sweet Shop Design gave me the Giftcard in my mail I saw something quite surprising...
"One Billion Pixels"
Whaaat! She is one and the same!! :D 
Thats so cool!! 'cause I love love love every work of her for the Sims 3, I always use her items in my Sims 3 games (I love to make bakeries and she has a lot of cute edible food items for The Sims 3)

And now she has started this awesome new shop on Etsy with the most cutest cliparts ever! take a look.
Sweet shop design preview
A preview of her beautiful work
Al these pretty cliparts you can buy on her Etsy shop for a nice affordable price.
I think she is one of the best clipart artists there is! When I think of pimping my blog, I think of her desgins. Not only because I know her but because she uses a very cute and basic style for everybody to love.

I would love it if you would take a look on her super cute Etsy Shop.
Buy 2 get 1 free!