23 October 2013

Delicious Red Velvet cupcakes English Special

Red Velvet cupcakes by Bieneke
My sister has baked delicious Red Velvet cupakes past Saterday. The first recipe she tried came from Pinterest, but it was totally out of balance, so it kinda went wrong.
The second & last recipe was a huge baking miracle...

We kinda had both the same idea.
Why not use the recipe from one of my favorite happy persons I know on youtube, who also has a cooking channel there...
Ps this is the link to her channel ;)

She is an amazing person, she always brings a smile on my face what ever she does;
Making baking video's, fashion & makeup videos, vlogs with her husband, kittens and now with a little tiny baby in her belly <3

The other Channels:
is her fashion, beauty, tutorials anything she wants channel
is their Vlog channel (from her,Justin, "little baby in belly" & kittens)
is Justins channel where he gives you great advice on so many topics

Back to the Cupcakes :D
So this time she tried Aprils recipe and omg the're so amazing!
I really "DON'T" like cupcakes but WOOW these are really heavenly!!
My sister didn't make the cream cheese frosting so we all could really taste the cupcake. Probably next time there will be frosting :D

This is the video how you can make the delicous Red Velvet cupcakes by April.
you can find the full recipe in the description

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