30 November 2013

Sweet Shop Design: everything is only $1,00!!! English Special

Let's go on a shopping spree!
It's time! The moment we all have dreamed of.. Black Friday already happened and Cyber monday has yet to come. We all know what that means: Shopping time with a lot of coupons, discounts or whatever! 
Now my favorite clip art shop has major discount on everything... everything is only $1,00!!

This awesome discount is from November 29th untill December 2nd. So also today and tomorrow you can shop there and everything is still $1,00, yaaaay!! :D
Go shopping now at Sweet Shop Design!!

I personally thought it was only on those 2 days, so I went searching like a maniac before that day had ended.
I already had found 10 items I wanted from that store. Then I contacted the artist and I asked her about the time I had left to buy those items. She told me I had time enough ;) Now my total I want to buy has already risen to 20 items!!
I'll buy her shop emty hihi, just kidding! :D

The items in her shop are amazing and so cute! I already told you guy's in another blogpost
Here I have some previews from the items in her shop:

It would mean a lot to me if you would check out her blog! Link:
Also you can follow her on Bloglovin', Facebook & Pinterest!

I hope you all have a wonderful time shopping 
and enjoy your weekend