17 December 2013

A huge Christmas "card" from Ellen!! English special

This afternoon I had recieved a huge package with this inside. I already saw on the packaging that It was from Ellen from Sweet Shop Design and I directly thought; this is a very very large "Christmas card"!

On the end of November we gave each other our adresses so we could send a Christmas card! I never ever expected this huge gift! (I hope you like my "tiny" Christmas card I've sent you yesterday ;)

The talking Christmas card
My very first talking Chirstmas card ever!
Thank you so much for the sweet message inside. 
I'll keep this card forever!

Beautiful Christmas ornaments
This is so beautiful made, I love them! The are soooooooo kawaii!!
Sadly "now" my Christmas tree in my room is way too small so I'll will hang them in my window or some other perfect place! The cutest Christmas ornaments I have! Thank you!

Four Lovely Magazines
I love baking and decor soooo much thank you! I can't wait to read them all!
1. Taste of Home Cookies Handbook
2. Taste of Home Magazine
3. Real Simple Magazine
4. Southern Living Magazine
The fourth is specialy from where she lives!

Look inside!
I see I need to buy a set of mesurements cups ;) (I always use grams and liters)
Yeeh It's time for real American baking! :D
I promise you and everyone that everything I bake/cook from these magazines I'll post on my blog and wil personally notify you about it! :D

Ho Ho Ho
Let Christmas be here and let's start baking! :D
Soon I'll go shopping for ingredients to bake lovely cookies and more!!
We'll have a very tasty Christmas!

I can't thank you enough!
This all is really an amazingly sweet and awesome christmas gift!
Thank you so much Ellen! I will remember this forever!

I wish you and your family the best Christmas ever!