05 December 2013

冬のファンタジ inspiration English special

It's time!
We all have been waiting for this month to start. We want to stay indoors and cuddle bears in our onesie..what! yes ONESIE! :D That's only one of them. I'm gonna make a "fantasy of winter" Tag! It could me fun! I think tomorrow it's done!
But for now I have a special gift for you.

I'm doing hardcore researching to find the most recent songs and activity around the music in Asia. Why? because I love their music! Mostly Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese.

Today I found this beautiful live song 冬のファンタジ by SOLIDEMO. It's a cover from カズン.
This song also was uploaded today, So I did great finding recent songs!
I hope you enjoy this song! I almost can dream the lyrics already!

For the Dutch and English people; I know Asian music isn't maybe something you'd ever think of listening, but trust me give it a try. It's 100% worth it.

Have a great day 
or good night