25 December 2013

Korean Christmas inspired songs! English special

Just for you
Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Korean Christmas inspired songs from the past few weeks. From a ballad to cute to silly! I also put two other songs in this post, one if you feel "lonely" with Christmas and the other one to put on repeat! 
I hope you enjoy them, give it a chance and open your heart.

Just so you know; 
I love J-pop, K-pop, C-pop & T-pop

Exo - Miracles in December
Recently I've heard this song in a Korean music chart and I immediately fell in love! Their voices are so warm and soft. If you want to skip to the even more beautiful part of the song; skip to 2:18.

CNBLUE - Juniel - Love falls
A teenage shy love story, the song is just so cute, soft and cuddley! I really love it!
What more can I say just watch and listen!

Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas
You should definitely watch this video! The best crazy & silly Christmas song ever. I love, love, love it! No better way to start you first day of Christmas with a smile!

BIGSTAR - Standing Alone
So this is a beautiful rap with singing parts in it. I really love the chorus that starts at 0:50. I also can put this on repeat 'cause I love the Korean pronunciation of them so much!

TINT - Love at first sight
OMG this song is so amazing! It reminds my of the story and cutenesss of my two favorite Tawainese tv series: Why Why Love & Devil Beside You! Also love the chorus, it's kind of hypnotizing. This whole day I already have it on repeat (Only when I have my headphones on, lol) I almost know the lyrics already :O

I hope you like them!
Which one of these 5 songs is your favorite?