24 January 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki - Again (CD & DVD)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Again
This mini album came in the mail a few days ago in a package from YesAsia. In my last order from YesAsia I got a few Ayumi singles. This time I saw this album in major clearance and directly I added it to my basket! Let's take a look inside with previews!

The front
Sadly there is a little crack on the plastic cover (right on her cheek!) Luckily nothing else is broken. I also think this cover is so pretty, Ayumi looks a soft and summery!

The back
Here you see the numbers listed on the cd & dvd and the Avex trax copyright thing.
(and Ayu feet! lol!)

The inside
Here you see the booklet and the CD. 
This are the songs that are listed on the CD:

1. Wake me up (Original mix)
2. Sweet scar (Original mix)
3. Snowy kiss (Original mix)
4. Ivy (Original mix)
5. Missing (orchestra version)
6. Melody (acoustic piano version)
7. wake me up (remo-con rmx)
8. Snowy kiss (Shohei Matsumoto remix)
9. Wake me up (Original mix -instrumental)
10. Sweet scar (Original mix -instrumental)
11. Snowy kiss (Original mix -instrumental)
12. Ivy (Original mix -instrumental)

In this booklet you'll find information about what you hear on the CD. The lyrics of the first 4 main songs of this mini album; Wake me up, Sweet scar, Snowy kiss and Ivy. Also there are a lot of beautiful pictures of Ayumi Hamasaki in a very soft and beachy setting.

The dvd
By this time I realised; where is the dvd! It was secretly hidden. No so secret, I just hadn't opened a double CD case for a while. This is what is listed on the DVD:

1. Wake me up (video clip
2. Snowy kiss (video clip)
3. Sweet scar (video Clip)

When you insert the dvd you'll first get the Avex trax logo shown and a few warning messages about copyright! There is no menu so after this Avex trax logo moment the video clips will start immediately. All the videos are in high definition!

Wake me up
Here you'll have the lyrics link
And the videp clip preview!

Snowy kiss
Here you'll have the lyrics link
And the videp clip preview!

Sweet scar
Here you'll have the lyrics link
And the videp clip preview!

Short story!
So this is what you can find on the DVD. I really love all the video clips!
Maybe you've also expected some explanation about the songs. You won't ever get that from me, why? I'm terible in explaning a song, story, movie in a very short amount of text.

They way I listen to music.
The music starts, no matter what language; I listen to what it brings me and the melody.
When I love it; I'll read the lyrics and think "hmm yes very pretty". But if I can't find the lyrics (if it's not in Dutch or English) I'll still be happy with listening to that song even when I have no clue of what they really are singing about. I love to listen to the voice, melody and meaning that person gives you in the tunes of the words.

The price
I got this mini album in a clearance for $10,99. The album now costs normally $25,99
Also you'll get a free shipping when you spent $39,- and after that you'll get a $5,00 off coupon for your next order. Here you'll have the link to this album:

I really really love YesAsia.com! Yesterday evening I've already ordered a bunch of new stuff there! Can't wait till it's here!! :D If you also want to shop there and get happy instantly click the picture above :)

What do you think of the Music from Ayumi Hamasaki
And did you ever ordered something from YesAsia?