17 January 2014

Blippo kawaii haul & review!! Part 3: Miscellaneous items

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Intro part 3
So I recently bought a very large amount of stuff on Blippo and I'm so insanely happen with everything. I'm gonna show you everything! I hope you enjoy! In this part I'm gonna tell and show you all about my Miscellaneous items, So some keychains, a notebook from another character than Rilakkuma. Totally different from the 2 previous parts but stil so cute!

Blippo haul review shoplog chewing gum earphones pink sundries kawaii review
Chewing Gum earphones
Price: $10,40 (€7,90) & link
Recently I broke my "in bed" earphones completely. So I really wanted new "in bed" earphones. Why "in bed"? Because I love to watch TW drama's or youtube before I go to sleep but it happens sometimes that (without noticing) I'll fall asleep with my headphones still in. When that happens it is possible your earphones get broken. So I rather not use my €30 Sennheiser earphones :) and use there cute very cute gummy earphones. Plus they are also very cute if you are wearing a very kawaii outfit!

Blippo haul review shoplog message in a pill red hug me 2 kawaii review
Message in a pill
Price: $2,50 (€1,90) & link
I thought this was so cute and nice to just write down some things that are close to your haert so you'll never ever forget. Just everything aobut this I love. 

Blippo haul review shoplog message in a pill red hug me 2 kawaii review
It's just a capsule pill with a smily on it. When you open it you'll get a nice small rolled  up paper with a golden ring. Of cource thére you'll leave the message, you can also give this to your boyfriend on valantine's day with all the things that you love about him written on it, something like that :)

Blippo haul review shoplog sushi keychain shrimp 2 kawaii review
Sushi Shrimp keychain
Price: $2,50 (€1,90) & link
I really wanted a sushi keychain, can't explain why, just always wanted one for so long already. So I chose this one with a shrimp because that would also really be something that I would eat. (love shrimps!) plus it looks so cute and it's made of very high quality plastic!

Blippo haul review shoplog kawaii kokeshi notebook mini model 3 umbrella review
Kokeshi mini notebook
Price:$2,50 sale price: $1,75 (€1,33) & link
I didn't know this character yet, but she looks so amazingly cute and I love that everything about her is traditional Japanese. I also wanted a nice notebook for in my handbag to write down my random ideas & thoughts. I don't always want to use my phone or pc for those things. Keeps your eye's from going completely square xD

Blippo haul review shoplog kawaii kokeshi notebook mini model 3 umbrella review
Every page is so beautiful designed with lovely cherry blossom and cute Kokeshi figures on the right side of the pages. After a few pages Kokeshi has another pose. And on the left page you'll find cute props.

Blippo haul review shoplog keychian popsicle style 3 pink 2 kawaii review
Popcicle keychain
Price: $2,50 sale price: $1,75 (€1,33) & link
Of course I really needed a official extremely kawaii keychain! The ice part is made of high quality plastic and it has a real wooden stick! It almost looks like you could eat it hihi! I'm thinking if I also want the green one :D

Blippo haul review shoplog thin pastel shoelaces light pink jing cheng kawaii review
Thin pastel pink shoelaces
Price: $1,18 (€0,90) & link
I bought these aspecially for my snowboots. Because I didn't liked the standard red shoelaces on the black shoe so much. It felt so gothic/christmassy and I want it cute and pink! :D So therefore I bought these super cute pink shoelaces.

Blippo haul review shoplog thin pastel shoelaces light pink jing cheng kawaii review
So on the left you have the old shoelaces. it's nice but so dark. and on the right you see the cute pink shoelaces! Now I really hope that we have some snowfalling in the Netherlands. A winter without snow feels so sad, so please give me snow, I have cute snowboots now! :D

Blippo haul review shoplog bento phone charm style 2 kawaii review
Bento phone charm
Price: $2,50 (€1,90) & link
A few years ago I saw this charm on Ebay and there it was so expensive. I thought this bento design was so cute but never wanted to pay so much money for it. luckily now I came across the same one on Blippo so I directly added it to my basket! and it's way, way, way more cheaper than on Ebay! :D I'm so in love with asian bento boxes! :D

Blippo haul review shoplog keychain gift kawaii
Blippo gift!
This is a Blippo kechain that you'll get with every order you place! I really like a gift like this. I'll always remember this cute shop even after 10 years when it's still hanging on my keys!

So this is the end of the 3 parts Blippo haul blogpost. Don't worry; a while ago I ordered another (this time little) package from their shop and it came in the mail today :D So I'll be hauling that soon!

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blippo link picture haul kawaii japan webshop
So now you've seen everything, in love yet? ;) Then I'll say click the picture above and go shopping like a kawaii lunatic because they still have major sale and forever free shipping!

What did you think of these items?
And are you turning pink yet? :D