12 January 2014

Cute Asian Rilakkuma inspired dish

OMG so cute!
So yesterday I fell asleep on the couch when I was suposed to blog about the awesomely cute dish! In this blog I'm gonna show you what's in my dish and how I made the cute little bear shared egg and rice. Also I'm sorry for the lighting in the pictures! We have a huge fluorescent lamp hanging above this table and the lighting in the kitchen is also not that great for pictures. My house is not picture proof in the evening! :O

The ingredients
I have no idea if this dish is Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese or whatever, it's just very tasty! Also I don't know the mesurements because there are none.
Cooked rice.
Hard boiled egg.
Small chopped onion, carrot and leek.
chopped chickenbreast.

The chicken is baked with sunflower oil and a sesameseed oil.
And just a bit of salt & pepper and basic chickenspices for seasoning.
 The chopped vegetables are also baked in sunfloweroil and sesameseed oil and a bit of soy sauce. After that mix all and you've got a lovely dinner!

My new rilakkuma items
Both of these cute items are bought from Ebay. The Korilakkuma chopsticks are really nice and small! I love them!And the Rilakkuma egg/rice mold is wonderful. 
On the first picture you might have seen it already; I didn't make it the right way. For eggs you supposed to boil your egg half cooked and then put it in into the mold and then boil it to hard cooked and and then leave for 10 minutes in very cold water. Only then you'll the cute face into the egg :)
The rilakkuma shaped rice you should leave the mold into the fridge for 10 minutes after putting in warm rice! I was hungry so I wanted to eat it right away.

Shop on Ebay!
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So if you also want to buy Rilakkuma / Korilakkuma chopsticks, just literally type "rilakkuma chopsticks" or korilakkuma chopsticks" into the searchbar
If you want to buy the rilakkuma egg / rice mold type "rilakkuma egg mold" or for just other cute cartoon figures type "egg mold"

What did you have for dinner?