14 January 2014

Cute Rilakkuma phone bag haul & review! (+ update!)

A little box!
Recently I bought this on Ebay and had no clue what I was buying, I knew it was a phone bag, couldn't find messurements in ythe description. It was listen on the box... Also in the description said you get candy! So buying this was a little surprise and fun!

OMG I have finally a phone bag!
I've been searching for a little pouch/bag for my phone for ages! I have the HTC Desire S with a big 3D Rubber case on it! (you know, the one with also the arms and legs. So looking of a perfect bag for my phone was sort of impossible. But this bag,, (without knowing how big it was) fits perfectly!! The fabric is also very soft and the phone (with not rubber case) is easily removable from the bag!

The text says: It's a relaxing time in the paradise,. Why don't you join us?
This little bag is all in Hawaii theme and there for very happy and summery! I love it!
Because I don't own anything with the Rilakkuma Hawaii theme yet.

So this was the candy that came with the phone bag, a little tiny plastic bag with 6 tiny candies :) I have now idea how they taste yet! So tomorrow I'm gonna try one!
When I bought this little box, I was more excited for the candy than the actually bag. But now... yeah definitely happy with the phone bag!!! Can't live without it anymore!

Or I'm gonna watch a new TWdrama! Because I'm gonna finish Sunshine Angel tonight!!
Or I'm going shopping for something and maybe to look for cute & soft colored makeup.
And I'm gonna make pictures of my Oyastu Cafe & Blippo items I recently got!
Check my Instagram for a preview of those items!

Do you have a special bag for your phone 
and do you have a case on it? :D
Sweet dreams!