01 January 2014

Happy new year!!

可愛い 賀正
Happy new year to every one!
I really loved 2013 and my resolution for 2014 is...

To make an even better and more kawaii year than 2013!
I have so many things planned, so excited for it!

In the picture:
My most favorite kawaii person in this world; Rainie Yang!
All the fireworks from last night that I've tried to photograph :)
And "Happy New Year" in Japanese

I know I haven't uploaded anything for a few days 'cause I was so busy with editing two videos! And today when I was trying to finish it, so I could write a blogpost and put the video in it; Youtube was really bugging me. So I decided to upload the video on one of my favorite websites; Youku.. but Youku also don't want me to post that video. 
So now I'm just gonna throw it in a blogpost right from my pc or something.

So tomorrow I'll can finally put my YesAsia blogpost online!

My other plans are a secret!
*Won’t you make a secret? 
瞳から  流れる meaning 囁く love  
Won’t you make a secret? 
take me take me away*

Just remember; 
this week I will reveal the secret from me & Sensational Home
Only for the Dutchies ;)

For now I wish you all very kawaii dreams
and see you tomorrow!