12 January 2014

Tara's birthday! ❤

Birthday girl!
So today my sweet Tara turned 10! I really spoiled her a lot today! This time not with a beef hunt, last year she loved it but her belly didn't. She didn't mind it at all because..

She still has her christmas gift and loving it! They are sort inseparable.
When I give her a command she really has a hard time listen, with all the love she has for me she still looks up and to look at me and do the comment but with very low hanging ears and hoping when I say "good girl" that she may continue, but you really see her struggling :D
So to get this picture I asked my (blind) dog to look at me :P
Isn't she a good girl!!

There's more :)
I spoiled her today with a organic treat she loves, normally this comes with her doing tricks but this time i fed het the stick, piece by piece. her eye's were telling me after every bite "omg"
In the afternoon I have her a big massage to relax completely and then she chipped her nail so I gave her a manicure (her front paw).
After that I lay on the ground with her, held her in my arms and we took a little nap :)
She napped and snored and I just relaxed with her this time :P

All these things are kind of basic everyday but not 
so extreemly long and one after another

Playing like crazy!
I tried to take some pictures of her tonight! Well this was one of less that are sharp. 
She was so active and happy with her beafsteak bone thing (or how you call it), she didn't wanted to sit still xD Normally I take pictures of her without flash so the bright blind eye effect in the pictures wouldn't happen.
Her iris is wide open so yeah everything you flash in there 
it directly lighten everything up in there, so you get bright effect.

She's 10 but still completely happy and very active! Her friend who's like 3 or something and is a hyper active dog; thinks she's to active and happy sometimes and would act is like.. boss should we continue now, I'm tired already.

No she's sleeping and dreaming of this wonderful day!
(No picture of that because she's moving to much!)

Goodnight everyone