23 January 2014

Time for a haul change!

Let's talk about some changes!
Recently I bought so many things from different stores & webshops and to put them all in one blogpost is just too much. About some things I'm so happy I want to share that with you. But because I wan't to show more things in one blogpost I can't express so much about it. Sure I can it's my blog, lol. The thing is when I'm gonna express my feelings more in a mega haul, my haul posts are gonna be endless xD.

For example:
click to enlarge
On the left you see a basket full of amazing stuf from YesAsia and on the right the same basket full of candy from Candysan that I've received today. I want to put some items in a spotlight or just give more space for me to tell and show you my feelings & pictures about the item. So show you more than I can show you in a rushing-all-together haul post. I really think that some things really deserve somo extra attention, don't you think!? 

So tomorrow I'm gonna show and tell you all about my new mini album of Ayumi Hamasaki I got from YesAsia!

For now enjoy this lovely song fron Rainie Yang - 暗湧
and have a lovely evening!