02 January 2014

YESASIA haul!!

It's a fact
A few days ago I finally got my YesAsia order. It took longer than expected because there was one item that sadly coudln't be ordered. But I don't mind it anymore 'cause I'm no so happy with the things I did got!

It also took me longer than expected 'cause I had so much trouble to get my Ayu single & A-nation 2005 preview video online, somewhere on a video hosting website, but it didn't work.

Sorry for the lighting in these pictures, I took them around 1:30 am
I did my best to fix it :)
All together
Price all together = $63,45 (I had a $3 off coupon)
So these 5 items I bought on YesAsia. The item that couldn't be ordered is the dvd from A-Nation '03, but I don't mind anymore! I'm very happy with these 5 awesome items!

Rilakkuma winter pencil case
Price $4,99
I saw this and immediately I was in love, of course it's Rilakkuma! ;) I wanted a item from Rilakkuma that was warm & wintery, so why not a cute cold metal pencil case!

Ayumi hamasaki - Green / Days
Ayumi hamasaki - Green / Days
Price $12,49
I really wanted this single 'cause I love the 3 songs on it! Also the cover is so pretty! Some of you might now it from another blogger Kissokill.com she has used it as her header for a long time. I love the melody of green and the mv settings! Days I think is lovely to listen and love her cute outfit in the mv! and To Be is one of the first few songs I've ever heard of her! So hello memory lane!

Preview: Green / Lyrics: Green
Preview: Days / Lyrics: Days

Track list
Green (Original Mix)
Days (Original Mix)
To Be (10th Anniversary Version)
Green (Instrumental)
Days (Instrumental)
To Be (10th Anniversary Version Instrumental)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule / Sparkle
Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule / Sparkle
Price $5,49 (it was on sale)
Both main songs on this cd I never heard of for some reason but I love them! They remind me of some Britney Spears songs but 10 times better! Not so sweet and cute songs, I love them! Plus some extra Green versions!

Preview: Rule / Lyrics: Rule
Preview: Sparkle / Lyrics: Sparkle

Track list
Rule (Original Mix)
Sparkle (Original Mix)
Green (CMJK Spring Storm mix)
Green (Acoustic Orchestra version)
Rule (80kidz's "No More Rule" mix)
Rule (Remo-con "tech dance" remix)
Rule (Instrumental)
Sparkle (Instrumental)
Ayumi hamasaki - no way to say
Ayumi hamasaki - no way to say
Price $13,99
I think this was the very first official music video I say from Ayumi! The song is really beautiful! I thought it woulds be nice for the cold dark (hopefully snowy) days!

Preview: No way to say / Lyrics: No way to say
Preview: Seasons / Lyrics: Seasons

No Way to Say (Original Mix)
 No Way to Say (acoustic version)
Seasons (acoustic version)
Dearest (acoustic orchestra version)
Voyage (acoustic orchestra version)
No Way to Say (Vandalize/Realize mix)
No Way to Say (instrumental)

A-Nation 2005 Best hit Live
Price $29,49
This a-nation is very sentimental for me, also is a-nation 2003 but sadly that is out of order. In 2003 I first saw A-nation for the very first time and fell in love with the concert and the artists! in 2005 I discoved a few new artist and again love the concert!
BoA Kwon sang a song then called; Rock with you and from that moment till now that's still my ringtone!

I really love YesAsia, 
so much that I have already ordered another package from them heading my way :D
So take a look and enjoy all the lovely offers and gifts!

See you in my next haul! ;)