18 May 2014

Homemade cheesecake with raspberry sauce

Something new!
So I kind of always stay to the basics of baking. No fancy stuff; so no cupcakes with all kinds of topping or what's it called, no coloring in food. Just beautiful basics. But this time I thought I love, love, love raspberries and I recently loving a dessert that is called raspberry cheesecake yoghurt. That's when I thought let's try to make a real cheesecake with raspberry sauce!

Yes, a mix again!
This brand is so good and always turns out right. So I thought before playing with 100% DIY recipes let's try a mix first. More chance of success right?! ;)
You may think; why is this picture taking in the garden on the ground.. Well that leaf on top of the box is a leaf from my own raspberry shrub that is growing behind it. :D

Yummy close up
So you might think.. well now you're gonna show how this is made.. nope.. I totally forgot to take any pictures. The recipe was so easy, fast and sooooo much fun; That I've just forgot. This was the first time ever making a cake/pie/anything that was make out of cheese, crème fraîche, wiggle jelly something. So yeah totally amazed by the recipe and seeing what it became.

This is so Delicious!
So this was my first taste of a cheesecake ever in my entire life! I was so scared to try it out, afraid it may taste horrible (because the ingredients separately tasted horrible) 
This is a very tiny square but it takes forever to eat because it's like heaven in every bite. I love it so, so, so much! Definitely going to make this another time soon.

Is there a dessert, cookie, cake, pie, anything from that kind of category 
that you've never tasted before and you really want to try out sometime?