21 May 2014

Homemade chocolate chip cookies part 2: Egg fun with Tara

My little helper
So In part 1 you can see all about the delicious chocolate chip cookies we baked, you'll also find the recipe there. This post is all about the egg fun we had and also as you could see I made it official. My little helper got an apron! 

So this was the 1/2 egg that was left over 'cause of the recipe. *No p boss!*
Look how she's lying down with so much tension in her body, I think she is kind of obsessed ;) It's very funny, you could dress her up like anything (I wont) but she'll never know haha. Just give her an egg and she's happy!

After I've thrown in the egg into the dough mixture I realized I had a dirty dish! The apron was gone already, it was time for sunbading, but what a surprise! I didn't told her the word egg because then she would've stood up.

*I need to taste it, almost there!*
This is why I didn't tell her haha :) this is not the way Tara.. 
(yes I do need to broom my garden.. It snowed yellow leaves)

*Maybe this will helps!*
Can you be more lazy Tara, just move, just a little ;)
(actutally I love the yellow leaves it has not rotten yet!)

This setting I'm using on my camera lately gets a lot out of the beautiful and fun movements Tara makes. I love it! But this..the egg deliciousness hmm well enjoy Tara! :)

*Goodbye yellow leaves!*
So I told her to shake her body before going inside and I was just holding my camera, what a coincidence! ;) See what I just said, love the setting! 

We had an eggtastic baking adventure!
See you in the next one.