24 May 2014

Homemade delicious apple cinnamon bread + recipe!

It's about the amazing taste!
So the first picture I took of this bread kind of failed because the shape I baked it in was not great (I had nothing else). So I chose this picture and now you can see how the inside looks like. This recipe has the same base as my white bread recipe but with some changes and I've added some ingredients.

This looks familiar ;)
Almost same ingredients of my last baked bread. But here you add more things to make it sweeter and more snackable! I just came up with it and tried it :)

You need:
500 g of wheat flour
275 g lukewarm semi skimmed milk
11 g dry yeast
50 g sliced unsalted butter
7 g salt
1 egg yolk
50 g crystal sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 large Elstar apple

What now?
So now you go the my "Homemade delicious white bread + recipe!" blogpost and follow every step BUT before you go there. Here are the alterations you need to make.

"By mixer" step 1 and "By hand & spoon" step 2
I talked about stirring all the dry ingredients together with a wooden spoon
When doing this you'll also add the sugar and cinnamon!

Just 5 minutes before step (taking the dough out after 45 min) you're gonna peel the apple and chop it into small pieces.
Now I asked you to start folding the bread so it would fit in the baking tin.. wait with that.
Try to flat the dough and spread it. When done; sprinkle the chopped apple over the flat dough and roll it up and do the folding thing from step 5 from "By hand and spoon" 1 time.

Pumpkin fun 
Now continue with the steps from the my white bread recipe, but take another shaped baking tin. Don't use a silicone mold or funny mold. I advise you to take a round cake tin with a loose bottom. Take a 26cm or a 24cm it doesn't matter.
Also it could rise more after 1 hour so when baking check after 15 minutes and if it turn brown too fast lower the heat!

So yummy!
So mine did rise too well (basketball) and wrong mold so I had to turn it upside down and continue baking. This is why the side is kind of cracked and weird. So this is a bread not a cake, You can still put strawberry jam, honey, butter & sugar, whatever on it. It gives you a cuddling feeling when eating it. PS I eat it dry :) do love it like that :D
I hope you'll enjoy it just as I do and the rest of my family!

Planning on baking something soon? 
I would love to hear it.