24 May 2014

It's time for a bedtime story!

Sweet dreams
So as you may have noticed I haven't been blogging since may 17. I did take pictures all the way till now but I just didn't blog. These last 2 days filling in the days I haven't blogged by the dates the pictures were taken. Not like last time when I just stopped. This time I only paused and I have some time to relax...why?

1. The cause of the pause!
(I don't like talking about this stuff but I feel like I want/need too to get confusion out of the way)
So lately I have a lot lot lot of pain in my mouth (teeth). I got some caries fixed after braces and now everything hurts; upper left & right and bottom left & right and the upper middle of my teeth. Too long story for now to explain. Also my entire right side of my jaw hurts and like these little lightning feelings go through it sometimes. Hell of a pain and taking a lot of painkillers plus stress.

This day I called my dentist to make an appointment to check it out.
and a few moments after I ate an oatmeal bar and broke my retainer braces on my front right front tooth. OUCH That hurt! But it wasn't loose, I thought I did something bad to the root of that tooth. Stress + painkillers

My dentist checked if that tooth was loose and she didn't think it was. About the pain in my entire mouth; She took a picture of my right bottom wisdom tooth to find out if this tooth was causing my entire jaw to hurt. She was very sure that tooth was causing it and sure that my other 3 wisdom teeth are causing my other teeth to hurt. It's Periodontitis if I got it right. My bone is reducing around my wisdom teeth and because they are very close to my nerve, I'm in a lot of pain. shocked.. + painkiller & stress

I called the hospital today to make an appointment with a surgeon. This coming Wednesday May 28 It's gonna happen! So the plan is to remove these teeth, 2 at a time. I'm extremely afraid it might hurt the moment they are pulled out. My mom and sister tell me that this is the best thing you can have done to your teeth because; the moment so short, painless and the after pain is also very short and fightable with painkillers. Still I'm scared! First "grown up" tooth every pulled. I got my baby molar teeth removed and that hurt a lot the moment he pulled them out and I got anesthetics back then. So it's hard for me to believe it will not hurt.

I finally feel somehow relieved I know what is going one everywhere. Finally know the unknown I was so afraid of. I know what's wrong and I'm going to finish the pain once and for all (I hope!!) Also made an appointment with my orthodontist, because my front tooth kept hurting me and made a lot of funky sounds! A weird creaking noise. I realized I heard this sound before when my other tooth was halfway broken loose from my retainer in January. So still stress, pain + painkillers.

A way-too-early-appointment. But they got it fixed and no more pain and creepy sounds! Yes!! So goodbye to a bit of the stress.

2. What does stress & pain do to your body?
The pain in my jaw is like a huge bruise spot with lightning paths to be walked in any second. And that tooth was like a concentrated tiny bruise and it was like you had a double tooth that would fall out any second. and my other teeth only hurt when I eat something harder than my chocolate chip cookies ;) So I just don't do that.
The first both sources of pain hurt extremely when I walk longer distances. So when I walk from our living room to the end of my garden. yes ouch! when I walk from our living room to our kitchen not so much. So with more "exercise" more blood goes pumping and that hurts very much in those painful areas. It's so painful, it dizzles me and onetime I almost fainted.
The stress caused my skin to break out insanely :( not fun. Also I'm extremely tired and like walking my dog, doing groceries etc is too much (+ with having that pain)
Also I cry when I'm afraid, when it's too much, when I'm just sad about the situation. I'm happy that I can cry because when I cry I release a lot lot lot of tensions and feel more relaxed after. Best anti stress remedy :)

3. Time to Relax!
When they told me what caused the pain and when my front tooth was fixed I felt so relieved! (still afraid for Wednesday) So what did I do this week? How did I find time to relax? I baked! I felt this urge to bake and when I did, I totally got relaxed, was happy and forgot everything negative. So this is why you see a lot of baking blogposts haha!

4. Plans
So today I've baked two breads and took a lot of pictures from my garden.
I also received a lot of Memeboxes this week. I want to blog about every Memebox I got from them; in the beginning with a fast pace. Tomorrow starting with box 5 and box 5-2, maybe also with Luckybox 2 and 4.

So I already said don't like writing about sad, painful, negative subjects, but not talking about it entirely feels so shallow! So now this is out of the way I can go on blogging with a pieceful mind.

Fix my chair I just broke a minute ago! 

Going to bed and dream about hopefully my dream from last night!
Surrounded by a lovely medieval village while I'm selling cute onesies there and Tyrion is going on killing spree against the other market stands.. yes the "stands" not the people. 

See you tomorrow!