15 May 2014

Looks who's back + updates!

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Hey there!
So when I was taking pictures of that muffin mix in our Laburnum tree (see previous blogpost) and I suddenly saw something moving in the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was a little sparrow (we have a lot around here) and then I was like; "omg, omg, omg HI!!" and kneeled down to him to take this picture...

Say hi to my friend from last year, I hope he brought his whole family! So last year we had a few frogs in our garden 'cause of the snail paradise. They lived in a Chinese wok full of rainwater. When it was really hot outside they would sit in there and you'd see all their tiny heads pop out of the water, so cute! So this is the first fellow I've seen again this year!

Updates Today
Like I'd said on twitter; I first wanted to blog about my baking adventure and after that I would look at my outdated header. I already have everything I need to make a new one and extra stuff to add. I took a lot of pictures today and Tara loves modeling ;) she got cookies! 

So tomorrow I'll be designing a new header, probable using the same shape that I got from Sweet Shop Design. Also I'll write a blogpost about everything I wore in that header picture (makeup etc!)

Do you have special "pets" in your garden?

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