16 May 2014

Maybe a... MEMEBOX tomorrow?

Tara Memebox labrador korean beautybox cute adorable dog
So I've been busy all day with my new header design and not done yet. I'm totally exhausted. So many pixels, it drives me nuts! But I thought; let's blog some more before I'll watch the season finally of The Vampire Diaries!!

So I got a few tracking codes today from Memebox and saw that some other orders from them were already in my country. That means that I'll get a package tomorrow!! I'm sure of it!!

I was playing with Tara and hoping for a nice random picture of her for this blogpost (not knowing what I was going to talk about yet. Suddenly I got this happy moment in my head (thinking about tomorrow) and said with a hyper voice MEMEBOX out loud :D
Click: YES!
*Tara: Can you eat that?* 

I just heard my *** ping and so it's time to watch TVD!
Also tomorrow I'll bake a cheesecake with raspberry sauce.
Never tried it, hopefully I like it.
I'll let you guys know!

What are your plans for tomorrow?