27 May 2014

Memebox (미미박스), life & garden update!

미미박스 memebox beautybox luckybox superbox chinese asian japanese vase gemstones jasper clear quartz update
So I'm gonna share some quick updates for you today about Memebox, my life and my garden. So on the picture you see a lot of memeboxes and more are coming! Three are already unboxed on my blog. Currently I'm writing 2 new blogpost about the Memebox #Hair & Body & Memebox Luckybox 4. Also something else happened...

Yesterday I mentioned the awesome Memebox on the youtube channel of the famous Dutch Mascha and got a lot of questions! So I'm thinking of asking Memebox if I can be an official referral person to give new memefans extra welcome points through me or maybe give my readers the $3 couponcode. It is a valuable question to ask, don't you think!

Also I'm working on making a Memebox database with also some info about memebox and a very cool picture I'm trying to build! You'll see!

beautiful orchid revived revive purple pink plant nature
My 3th time revived Orchid 
Really proud at this beautiful plant, knowing that my room is like a sauna in the morning! So I said I'll be also writing  the luckybox #4 blogpost. This will come up tomorrow, because tomorrow is the day my 2 right wisdom teeth are gonna be pulled! So maybe not in the mood to blog tomorrow. I got a lot of helpful stories to ease the stress, thank you! Now I'm only creeped out of what it would sound and feel like haha. I took some Diazepam to sleep better but I still have to write those blogposts. So I'm sorry if they may be a bit vague.

beautiful poppy red plant nature
So I've taken a lot of pictures lately of my garden and really wanted to share this on my blog. This I also promised to Sarah but sadly there was no time for me to do this yet, because yesterday and today I've suffered from a really bad weather/maybe stress headache and maybe tomorrow from pain in my mouth. I also want to write a blogpost about all my animal friends that visit my garden everday, but I think both blogposts will need to wait a little while longer.

So now it's time to 
write write write!