30 May 2014

My first DSLR camera!

So I really wanted a DSLR camera for quite some time and now I finally have one. Today was an heaven & hell kind of trip to get him. I've been deceived & lied to but I was smarter and walked away. Then I went to the most unexpected place to get my camera and all luck was suddenly on my side! You wanna know what happened!?

So first I saw that Canon had a cash back deal for this camera: - €45 (Yes I'm talking about euro's today). This is a great deal and I went looking for the store that sold this camera for the lowest price. This store "foto klein" sold this camera for €569,- but the newsletter said they sold it for €499,- (cash back already included)
I called the custom support and told there was something wrong on the website. then they told me just go to the store, leave us you name and we'll tell them you can buy the camera there with the same online rules (14 days to try out and can send back without good reason) 

The evil seller
Today I went there and said I'm... and I'm getting my ... camera and he said "uhmhum yes why do you want this camera?" with a very weird voice. Told him why, and he suddenly said you can't buy this camera. I was like what!? You need to buy this camera (some kind of Sony) I was like no I don't want a Sony I want the Canon 700D. He started talking about how bad that canon was and that it was garbage. I said no I want this camera just sell it to me. Then he said just buy the Sony first and if you don't like it return it and get your canon. I was like no no no! (in more polite ways) So finally he gave in and said sorry we only have the show model. *WHAT!* (said in my head) then he told us: You have to drive to Rotterdam to get a new one (other side of the Netherlands!) But we could give you discount on accessories. He came with the most expensive memory card €40 and he would give me 10 euros of, but I wanted a SanDisk and he started saying that was garbage too. Or  I could choose a bag that costs €50 and give 10 off. I was pissed and said polite I'll think about it bye. goodbye €1.50 for parking :(

The good seller
So I knew that "BCC" had a normal high price of €574, but they offer lowest price garantee and that means if you'll find the same camera (even in sale) with a lower price than theirs (only in real stores on the ground) they'll give you the same price! So I showed them the "foto klein" newsletter and they said: no problem! 544 it is! (cash back later) 
Also they offered me a garantee for 5 years  and would give me €15 off :)

So what did I bought:
Canon 700D 18-55 IS STM = 499 (cash back incl)
5 years of garantee = 69,95
SanDisk 16 GB 30mb/s = €16,99
€25,- voucher for good Canon workshop
And a bag, but I'll be returning that because I want something that is 
less tempting for thiefs and something more feminine :D

More words
This feeling dizzy, little bit of pain and super tired.
But I stayed strong today, no one sells me something I won't like (the bag was my fault not the sellers!) I've tried out my camera and I'm in love! Will not say goodbye to my current one because that one shoots awesome pictures of Tara and easier to manage while playing :) So I'm gonna watch "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" just an easy movie! My mind needs a pause! 

See you tomorrow!