28 June 2014


Need some help to sleep?
So I was shooting pictures for my Memebox Nakedbox #14 close to the window and suddenly milady next to me started snoring real cute. What else could I do then film it. I find her snoring always so relaxing. While writing and uploading she's laying next to me on her huge-couch-cushion and again snoring.

Also I've had a very, very busy day, so no Memebox blogpost.
I did took those pictures of the Nakedbox #15 like I said but when I wanted to write the blogpost; I got such bad headache and then I need to eat cake :) (small family party).

Also this evening we watched the first episode of season 7 of True Blood. I really love that show and OMG I forgot how much nudity there was in it xD It feels normal in Game of Thrones if you look at the time and age kind of theme.

Enjoy the video and sweet dreams!