16 June 2014

Confessions of a World Cup addict!

world cup 2014 fifa socces football addict blogger beauty blog game
So... now you know :)
I haven't been blogging that much, I want to, I try too; But I keep getting distracted by me wanting to know who's playing, who's winning, are their defense good etc. Even my own country is not playing I do support a lot of other countries and the countries I think play good, fair and honest!

So because I love watching these games so much I forget to blog. I opened a new posts to write about Memebox from nature. I wrote one line and poof I was gone; "Hello world cup, I'm back!" I hope I'll get a new post about memebox up for tomorrow but now I just want to watch the game USA vs Ghana! 

That was btw an awesome first goal!!

Also today is a very sad day for players because so many players got hurt. but not so much by others more just injuries from moving wrong :( I hope they all get well soon!

So this was it, see you tomorrow!