05 June 2014

Goodbye summer and hello Tara! :)

Summer is currently not available
There has been some sunny days now and then, but the temperature has not been really high. None of those sunny days I walked outside in a tank top. I'm happy for my garden and all :) I love spring/autumn weather for my plants and to watch from indoors. But...

I've bought all these lovely summery clothes from H&M and they are definitely not wearable yet! With this weather wearing some airy white cotton Greek blouse with a light blue skirt...In this city people would really look at me with a "South Park -Randy: "Whattt?" It's not really a big city. 

Also tomorrow a plumber will go fixing out rain pipe; First it's been bursting out an immense amount of water, then it killed a bird :( and now it's leaking like crazy and also from the roof and It's been raining so much these days. So it needs to be fixed soon before someone else gets hurt!

Little princess
She's been very clingy today, in the morning she got a fancy snack and after that she fell asleep on my lap and when she woke up, I suddenly got a lot kisses and paws.
Then she stood up to get her bones to play. I thought let's make some pictures of her to practice with me C-monster. I'll post them soon! She has 2 almost identical bones and has trouble choosing, very funny! :) 

I'm always here
She also had a sad confusing moment. She was laying against the back of the couch on her back with her tummy against it (like she always does) and suddenly she got frightened by something and want to stand up and walk away... she fell again the couch then started walking and fell again almost on her side against the book closet. But before that I had her in my arms. I was already turning my head when I heard she pushed her feet again the couch to stand up. I'm always watching her apparently. Just "now" really realized that :O
After I got her she was shaking a bit, but still could stand straight. I held her just a little longer and let her go after she realized I really had her and look at me. 
Also Tara was jeopardizing my moment to blog by laying on my feet and asking for cuddles!

Time changing moment
So I had this time problem with my blog. I'm always finishing my blogposts very late in the evening and there for I'm always uploading around 1 or 3 AM. So then I changed it everytime to 23:26 or something. But this 24 hours clock is also weird for people from the rest of the world. So why not change the entire blog clock to PST US time! :D so now You'll see my blogpost arrive around 2 or 4 PM, feels better and also I have now a 12 hours AM to PM Clock!

Enjoy my perfect timings ;)