20 June 2014

Just made a Memebox Database

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It's there!
So I finally got all the data together and wrote my Memebox database. This is an overview of every Memebox I've bought and clickable names of the blogposts I already wrote. You'll find everything about Memebox there...

I must warm you...
I'm a Memeboxaholic and I have bought 50 Memeboxes since March.
Sarah from Bits & boxes gave called me the MemeQueen and today I told this and that I loved my title on the makeuptalk forum between other Memeboxaholics. The first girl *handed over the Tiara* The second girl said MemeQueen was an understatement and changed it into MemeEmpress and ask if there was a higher title for me. Then the first girl changed it into: MemeImperialHighness :)
When I added the comment on the forum I was thinking that my Memeaddiction wasn't so bad, woopsy It me turned into MemeImerialHighness within minutes!
But now you know how to address me ;) haha

Do you have a MemeAddiction, let me know.
Feel free in the comments down below.

Your MemeImperialHighness