04 June 2014

My backyard & front garden: mid May

My backyard garden spring summer gardening Lamprocapnos bleeding heart cute hearts
Bleeding Hearts
Around 2 weeks ago I took some pictures of my garden. Still with my old Camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7) and some are pretty like this one and some are just okay. I already took some new pictures with my C-monster a few days ago and these are coming up soon because a lot has happened. In this blogpost you'll see the time my garden came  to life and I love to show you the beginning of our journey! Prepare for a lot of pictures!

My Backyard
The first picture shows my beautiful Lamprocapnos. I killed it last summer because it grew too big and I was kind of done with it. I completely dug out this plant and this spring it's back again :D I'm kind of happy about it because It's stand directly in the middle of my little pumpkin patch.

My backyard garden spring summer gardening marjolein planting pumpkins pumpkin patch 1
Pumpkin patch
This is the left side of my pumpkin patch. The other side is actually for melons (nothing happening yet), but on this part I planted hmm I think 100 pumpkins seeds. All in different heights in the ground. We'll see what this brings! ;)
Also I really get annoyed by all those Golden Rain leaves and seeds everywhere because I also have to be careful for all my new baby plants.

My backyard garden spring summer gardening marjolein planting pumpkins pumpkin patch 2 big
My pumpkin king!
So what this friend is doing here; I have no clue. This year I didn't plant any seeds there maybe from last year!? This pumpkin started growing and you just can't stop him. Problem is he is growing on a very annoying spot (very unsafe for him!) but to dig him out is very risky because his stem is very fragile and I have no idea how deep his roots are because I didn't plant him! So this is very exciting of what's gonna happen :)

My backyard garden spring summer gardening strawberry plant
There are 6 plants in my backyard and they all bloomed and growing strawberries! But the next day I took this picture, all the strawberries were gone!? I know what happened! I think is cute and I'm happy with my picture! We have some animal friends in our garden and let's say like 50 all counted together!

My backyard garden spring summer gardening  marjolein Marjoram Matricaria chamomilla camomile Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis Salvia sage
Me, Sage, Chamomile & Rosemary
The plant in the back on the left (big one) that's ME! It's called Marjoram and the Dutch translation is Marjolein. Last year I found out I'm allergic to myself! xD but love the plant. it should be dead for 3 years now but it's still coming back in his pot! Just like me, never giving up! The sage is blooming, never saw flowers from a sage. They are so beautiful. In the next pot I sprinkled "some" chamomile seeds, I need to thin that pot out. This year I planted a Rosemary plant in the last pot and I love it, but I can't remember why I wanted this herb.

My backyard garden spring summer gardening  raspberry Rubus idaeus Dahlia
Raspberry & Dahlia
On the top left and right you see my baby raspberry shrub (so proud!) He is growing little raspberries and wait until you see the next load of pictures I'll post soon!
Also this year I planted something that's called Dahlia (bottom left). I've seen this beautiful flower a lot in Asian fabric and art so I wanted a real one. This one is growing so fast. I how no idea how tall it's gonna be.

My backyard garden spring summer gardening  poppies Papaver somniferum Centaurea cyanus corn flower clematis
Cornflowers, Clematis, Unknown & Papavers
In the upper left you see a few of my cornflowers to be. My parents always tried to grow them. this time it's up to me :) 
In the upper right you see my first flower from my Clematis, sadly it's been eaten already by something. When I was younger we always hoped we had 1 or 2 flowers from this plant to add to our flower wreaths for St John's Day. 
In the bottom left you see a beautiful flower, I don't know the name right now and I tried to find out, maybe you can tell me.
In the bottom right you see a few really strong Papavers. Yesterday I found out these are also called Opium Poppy :O I didn't know that. It's the most beautiful kind out of his family and also a bit evil. always on this spot the biggest ones grow and I'll always saving a lot of seeds for the rest of the garden, we have a lot this year!

My front garden
My front garden spring summer gardening   japanese esdoorn Dissectum Atropurpureum
Japanese Esdoorn
I needed to trim this one (I thought I never had to but his leaves were too far on the ground and rotting. Also he stand in a very shady spots but feel fine. His official name is Dissectum Atropurpureum. I thought it was just an ordinary Japanese Esdoorn but then I looked at the leave and they are really tiny & detailed. This little beautiful tree stands here for over 16 years and his trunk never grew any larger. I think it's a Bonsai or something? (My dad got it...)

My front garden spring summer gardening  Forest Flame Pieris Alchemilla erythropoda dwarf lady's mantle Syringa vulgaris common lilac
Dwarf Lady's Mantle, Forest Flame & Syringe
In the upper left you see the biggest lady's mantle in the garden. I've replaced some in the backyard but they haven't grew super large yet. I think it's a beautiful plant, I also really love the look of the leaves.
In the bottom left you see my Forest Flame, I recently cut out all the dead flowers and I was really scared because I never touched this plant before, but he's alive and beautiful!
On the right you see a funky Syringe creation. We have this anti weeds mat under these stones and still one of the Seringe root from the side came through on the perfect spot. So I thought why not! but I need to think of a replacement for those stupid white string.

My front garden spring summer gardening   marjolein Lavandula lavender officinalis pumpkin pumpkins planting seeds Heath heathland ferns fern modern
Lavender, Ferns, Pumpkins & Heath
In the upper left you see my new Lavender plant, The last one kind of died and I always need a Lavender plant on that spot, habits! I already smells so good.
In the upper left you see 3 new baby ferns. this is a very shady spot and everything dies there but not ferns! :D
In the bottom left you see a few baby pumpkins coming up. I've planted 10 there I think?!
And here you have my 3 beautiful heath plants I got last year from my Mama! I didn't trim them because I didn't know if that's needed. but I see new green so I think I did good.

My front garden spring summer gardening   marjolein planting pumpkins pumpkin patch 1 Lavandula lavender officinalis
Pumpkins, sunflowers & Lavender
So I've planted a lot of pumpkins here too (the rest I had left!) This part of the garden has a lot of sun from I think 3pm till sundown. Also you see that Lavender; that's the lavender that kind of died xD welcome back! Somewhere are tiny sunflowers to be seen but probably not in the picture. I wonder what will become of them.

So now you've reached the end of the picture mania!
Soon I'll post more pictures of my garden 
taken with my C-monster.