09 June 2014

No clue & a lightning storm!

Healthy vitamins orange juice C multi max pill
So I didn't had any better title for this blogpost. Maybe if you even can't find a good title anymore, you should just skip blogging for today.. but no! It's super hot and I say no to sleeping "now". I wanted to write a Memebox review about the Hair & Body box, but that would take way too long for now. Let's chat about something else...

Every day I take my extremely-insane-way-too large vitamin that I really love. It makes you hair healthy and shiny, your skin flawless and strong and your nails unbreakable. Plus I do love me some fresh orange juice, it's like coffee for me (I don't drink coffee)

Camera "nerd"
Today I found a button on my Canon 700d that turns off automatic focusing, YEAH I really needed that for when I shoot pictures in the dark.

The last two days I've been searching for anthroposophic picture books that my mother read used to read to me when I was a little girl. They are beautiful illustrated and directly takes me back in time. 

canon 700d lightning photograph first time weather night
Lightning baby!
Yesterday night the weather alarm said everything would pass us.. nope! "They were wrong" :O At first it was just ordinary thunder & lightning. But when I walked into the hall way to reset the internet because of all the heavy downloading. But when I looked out of the window I saw this lightning bolt came down from the sky and struck in the next street with the heavy bang sounds at the same time. Then I still had to reset the internet in main electricity closet, scary! I was counting and looking at the sky to find the right time to pull the plug! It's been a long time since we've had such heavy lightning storm. Tara is the bravest among us. I woke her to see if I could let her be, so I could go to sleep and within a few seconds she slept again. :)

Filming, no pictures
So this picture above if a screen from a video I took. I had real problems with focusing making pictures because AF was still on. But for the next storm I know what to do!

I just checked where my Memeboxes are and 5 boxes are now in "incheon". I'll get one of these memeboxes soon but not all together I hope. Never ending haul!

What am I doing "now"
Eating sour cream chips and washing the sour away with ice tea peach. Writing a blogpost without a clue how this will end. Listening to Temporary Friend - Jeassarae on repeat. Taking a deep breath...O wait, lets continue!

Selling stuff
I have some new shoes, hairstyling tools etc I'm gonna be selling, so there are pictures to be made :) It's going to be for The Netherlands only probably because no one wants to pay very high shipping costs right? ;)

Take out the plugs; extra earth hour(s)!
If there are no blogposts within these days it will be 'cause of the lightning storms. I'm a person who takes out all the plugs when I hear a little bit of thunder (and knowing it's coming) I don't take the risks (lost a monitor once) I've seen what it can do to houses that leaves on the power. I'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2.0 :)

It's time!
I'm yawning so now I need to go to bed. It's officially 2 AM here. I'll be watching some Youtube when later; some gameplays, memebox unboxings, beauty stuff and asmr.

I'll see you tomorrow!