03 June 2014

So lazy but so busy and now so sleepy!

Tara labrador cute adorable sleepy tired sleeping dog
We are sleepy!
So today was a very lazy but productive day! I planned on doing other stuff, but you know me; I'm very easily distracted! I've been working on a blog summery border kind of all day. (also I slept in). My mom, Tara & me baked muffins. I learned more about my C-monster! :) Love him! Decluttered a closet. Horror: found a dead bird in our rain pipe. I'll not talk further on this subject because it was very sad!

But I'll talk about me sleeping in.. It was lovely, finally! The past few days I had some awful restless nights and nightmares of my teeth falling out. But last night YES the usual: zombies, apocalypse, vampires, end of / new worlds, weird quests!

My dream: super cool!
I had 2 identical houses and I was baking some lovely things (like I lately do in real life) and the people for who I was baking was: from Grimm: Monroe and some other wesen, from Originals: Klaus (always Klaus?) and Diego and some random people.
They were watching TV (wonder what they would watch xD) and I was in the kitchen baking some kind of pie and when it was done I give everyone a piece. The all kind of woged into their natural creature because they were happy and ate the pie :) cute right?
Then I wanted to bake the same pie for my family at the other home, but by the time it was ready everyone on the couch turned their head and woged again and attacked the pie! Super scary but cute xD
But I really wanted to bake something for my family at home so I made another pie and in the same time the strawberry & crumble cupcakes dough from Anna Saccone. I baked the pie and that time I put the raw dough inside of my handbag, I just dumped it in there , yes no plastic bag. Totally ruined my bag but it works. they again attacked the pie and I could escape to my family. When I was home I woke up xD
Lovely dream

Baking muffins
My mom wanted to bake a new recipe.. yes this is in real life! A muffins recipe she saw online. This was the perfect time for me to play & learn with my C-monster (Canon 700D) I took some lovely pictures and of course Tara was there!
Sadly the muffins kind of failed. They taste more like scones rather than a muffin. You miss the sugar taste in it a lot (I think we need to add 1 tablespoon of brown caster sugar  next time. But they taste wonderful with a bit of strawberry jam!

Summery border
Also I wanted to make a fun border for on my tab bar like the last time with my winter theme. I had snow laying on top of that. Now I want something summery! I've been working on it very hard and now I only see pixels! xD

I was just working on editing the pictures of my garden I took last week with my old camera. pff that takes time editing those pictures! So many and so crappy compared to my Canon! But now I'm super duper tired and I just want to go to bed. So I thought let's just ramble about my day :D

What was your day like?