28 July 2014

And then there was rain! Finally!

So I've waited so so so long of it to rain and also hoping for a good summer storm with heavy thunder at night! This morning around 6 - 7 AM...BOOM heavenly thunder and a heavy rain storm! That sadly killed my Dahlia :( but maybe I can save her. Let's hope.

Also I'm super duper tired and relaxed, today I've taken a "Korean" shower that lasted 2 hours! But that was lovely!! And after I decided to re-record my 2 haul/review videos! :) I started filming around 4 PM and ended around 11 PM. I had some real fight with myself over forgetting constantly what I wanted to say and forgetting word to paste between the sentences xD I was so sloppy and now me feet hurt. Filming is hurtful haha :)

Also I'm watching my first Korean Drama ever and I love it!! The series is called 꽃보다 남자. You need to start watching this too! Don't ask just do it :) and while writing this I'm falling asleep so I need to write faster!

Tomorrow I'm going to edit the videos and hopefully 
get them done so I can post them! :D See you tomorrow!