24 July 2014

ブルボン プチクマ Are you ready to get brainwashed?!

ブルボン プチクマ marjolein kucmer
Aaah it's so cute and amazing and now stuck in my head...
Today was very much just chaos, but so much fun! I had all these things planned yesterday and today the first moment I woke of,, it all went different! Also I came accidently found a video and now in my head and it won't get out anymore and I want to buy it!!

Sun and pumpkins
So when I woke up it wasn't by my alarm, my mom waked me up and said "you have female pumpkins, wake up!" Time to..! Me being totally zombie went down stairs and ..... the manly flowers with the female pumpkin flowers! ("pumpkin love") I looked up to the sun and thought well first let's fix all my emails and then I'll go photograph some Memeboxes and more!

Superbox bubble pop and bowl!
I saw that it was shipped by DHL and so I received it today yay! I love the box so much that went on me bike; biking around me town to find a big bowl. Somehow there isn't any big glass bowl to be found and in Korea you almost get hit by it so many are there. So the quest began! I went searching on Ebay and other website and I finally found one! It's a big glass baking mixing bowl.

I was lost...again!
So today I was searching for more Korean cosmetics as always and I got totally lost on the internet! I love being lost on the internet btw! For some reasons I never really can remember good where I went when I'm back on track and suddenly I have all these new items in a shopping cart! :D

I thought let's go shopping on Candysan again because they always have such yummy Japanese candy and it's been a while. And I clicked, clicked, clicked and again full shopping cart. But then I found something and it had a YouTube video of it. I watched it and OH MY! and I showed my mom and sister they also were like OH MY! See for yourself!!

So I really, really love these cute bears and I want to try those candy/snack out right now! (Totally brainwashed by cuteness!) Also I can't get the song out of my head anymore and were al dancing to the music! (brainwashed by music) IT'S AMAZING!

Oh and I'm pretty tired of today, it was super duper hot and I was very active on me bike, biking everywhere, don't forget the bowl, cosmetics and candy quest and not to forget being brainwashed is also heavy on the mind. So goodnight or have a great day!

Click play again to be brainwashed some more!