18 July 2014

Best and first garden moments of Summer

Take a moment...
Today this post will be all. There is so much going on and my mind setting is not into happy Memeblogging. I'm going to show you what happened in my garden in the beginning of summer. I've played with different lightings blurs en nature effects to get the most out of a moment.

The Hibiscus Syriacus
This plant is standing in our front yard and he is growing so large. I'm not going to trim it. I think it's beautiful like that. Also I've taken these 2 pictures just after it rained. My first raindrop pictures, I'm very proud!

Time to blur!
To take pictures of small flowers and really make them pop is my favorite thing to do. Honestly I love everything about lavender but I've never seen lavender so up close. Didn't think they had flowers :O Silly me! Also with this camera the leaves of the poppies look like silk. Who cares about a bed full of rose leaves, give me poppy leaves, they must be softer! ;)

Maybe you've seen them already in my memeblogpost. These 2 plants the Buddleja davidii and the Hydrangea macrophylla (if I've researched that right) are my favorite background for Memebox unboxings because I intent to take pictures around 5 pm and the lighting on these plants are then so beautiful. I must say that I don't quite like the quality of these kind of plants. When it rains the Buddleja davidii can't hold his flowers up and looks weak and the Hydrangea macrophylla has no structure how he grows. He's all over the place, kind of messy. I do love the flowers they make and how they smell.

Are you king?
So this opium poppy is just too huge! I think its mutated. look at the leaves, can you have more?
I've nothing more to say than that's just woow!

I should start a business
Just kidding but this is just epic right! They just keep going. from that moment I counted 8 on this spot. and I think 7 on the other side! Again with the extreme amount of leaves. Also I love it so much because there are coming so much bees to them. Love the sound they make!

Come and live here!
So I found this and hanged it, not sure if there are bees living there "now". I don't think so because the wholes are so messy are I hanged it in the wrong spot. But they are heavenly welcome!

Who doesn't want to live there?
So much going on in one shot and not everything fitted in the picture! There were more poppies on the left side. I couldn't choose what to blur and what not. I thought let's just focus the middle and blur the rest. it looked better that way. I always want to blur something :D

Oh Dahliaaaa!
At first I thought; I'll only get 1 flower. I really didn't know these flowers yet so everything was a big surprise. I definitely want more of these next year! I saw these flowers when I bought these as resins on Ebay to do whatever with (no clue why I bought them.. they were pink!) They are so big, soft and beautiful... I love them!

My pumpkin hero!!
So I've chosen to give this big plant a blogpost of his own to show everything he's made of! because I have so many pictures and he's like growing 5cm, 10cm or ever more centimeters a day! actually the picture I've showed you in the last blogpost is 10 days ago! the previous pictures were crap so I've chosen that one 7 of June (just outside spring) but this happened in 10 days! Check the difference here! I think of making a page for this subject with a picture in the side column so I can update it easier and when he's completely done I'll change it into a blogpost.

Why and what happened
Yesterday and still there is a lot going on in the world and I've taken yesterday and today to really live with the people who lost someone or who are gone forever. Today I've watched all CNN news to know everything about everything in the world. Dutch news has tiny delays. The Netherlands is small and today I've heard that not so far from here are some families are gone, just gone. It's just unbelievable.
 really do hope for everyone they'll soon find out what really happened and will take care of this. Also I didn't know that in Israel it was "that" intense so kind of shocked and all about it.
And I did had my own "drama" (not so importand after knowing this.) My retainer broke again. Already fixed it Monday and Wednesday it broke again. The stupid thing keeps hurting my teeth and now I can't eat anything anymore with my front teeth. very annoying all! but it's fixed again, still hurts but hopefully it's over by tomorrow! I already said a few times I don't like talking about sad things and drama but this is too close and I just can't ignore it. For everyone who lost someone in that place crash or in Israel or Gaza, Or knows people from there, who's lives has been taken; I'm giving much love from my heart and support.

Now I'm going to treat me with some Memebox stuff.