16 July 2014

Best and last garden moments of Spring

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature Papaver somniferum Opium poppy 2
Poppy queue up
So I finally found the best and last moments of Spring. Pffew I take so many pictures, it's hard to pick which one to show now and which haven't changed so much that are worth showing. I love everything, but a never ending blogpost with garden pictures will kill you. So I've chosen the best and the last!

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature Papaver somniferum Opium poppy 2
Hi B!
The (opium) poppies popped open. They are so beautiful and have been growing and popping like crazy! That picture above is nothing for what has yet to come in the next garden blogpost. Also I really love to take pictures of bees (I love Honey & Bees!) It's a real challenge to get them sharp en pretty. It's been a struggle with this new DSLR camera but this one was a success!

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature fruit Alchemilla lady's mantle
Moms favorite
So every year this plant is growing so huge and beautiful. when people visit they almost always give compliments about this plant. This year I also included some tiny ones at the sides from other places of the front garden to get it more on one spot and not let it jungle all over the place.

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature fruit strawberries
Kawaiiii strawberriiiies!
The strawberries has been growing very good but sadly a lot, lot has rotten before there could be eaten. At first I blamed the birds (sorry birdies!) but then I knew the problem.. what do I say.. I mean I know! I just found out the day before yesterday how to fix this problem ;) In the 3rd garden post I'll show you!

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature Pumpkin patch 1
The first pumpkin flower!
I planted more like 200 pumpkin seeds in my garden all on different heights. The ones with less depth grown the biggest and this one was one of the first pumpkin that started showing of his manly flowers!
I also placed 2 pumpkin signs I ones found in a cute store. In the next garden blogpost you'll the sign better.

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature Pumpkin patch 1
My big boy!
So this pumpkin is the biggest surprise of the garden. it grows everyday like crazy! I actually sometimes se him moving and growing! I cannot look at my pumpkins just as plants anymore because they show so much life! This was the first stage of craziness and I didn't know where he'd want to go. I placed some pots around his leaves to protect him against my sweet blind Tara. You are going to see this big boy in every garden blogpost! you can't escape his greatness ;) haha

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature fruit raspberries
Heavenly Raspberries!
I can say my baby Raspberry plant is all grown up and growing tall into the sky. Every day I walked past him and looked for new red raspberries. They taste to good! These were btw the first garden pictures with my DSLR and I'm really proud at me newbie self back then getting this shot!

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature fruit raspberries
Strong planty!
As you can see the soil there is very dry and how much I throw better soil on it. it gets so dry and puffy. But somehow this raspberry plant is loving it. Btw the size of this plant you see is now double. that's what I meant by growing tall up into the sky. And a yummy picked raspberrie shot ;)

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature Eurasian collared dove doves nest baby
My dad's pets
This is where my dad lives and he made friends with some Eurasian collared doves and many more different ones but these are his favorite. These are free birds and so it's their free will. He also can really pet them. I've stroked one of these doves once. my god that's so special, the trust they give. Also very funny when my dad isn't "in time" to give them treats they just walk into his room to get him :P One of these doves recently made a nest and had little pretty young birdies. This nest was on the other side of his place and through a window you could see her pretty good! I think these are wonderful birdies.

Best moments of spring 2014 gardening nature fruit Tara war canon ball weeds
*I love you*
She was obsessive sunbathing this time a year. Maybe she was extremely happen spring was finally here. now she's okay if she misses a sunray ;)
Also every time I'm outside taking pictures she's always around for some reason....I figured this reason out "yesterday"! This smart girls knows my camera (the sounds it makes, plastic clicks etc) She was sleeping in her basket yesterday and holding it tightly with her paws, really cute. I could moves and make sounds all I wanted en she didn't wake up. Then I took my dslr camera and clicked off the lens protection and turned the live view screen. BOOM Tara was awake and staring at me with full excitement and curiosity :) So now I know, Camera mostly means "extra" fun and crazy playtime for her. So I can really say she loves the camera!

About the weeds
This spring I let the weeds jungle around because of all the baby plants and seeds over the garden is was hard to see what is what at some point. so I also let the stone tiles be. This time was a time to take care about my "babies" and not about the mess around them. (It's gone now!)

You've made it to the end.
(update: the day after tomorrow) Tomorrow blogpost will be about the best and first moments of summer! and after that I'll show the yesterday and today's garden update (I've shopped some more today!)

Stay tuned for more gardenfun!