09 July 2014

How we celebrate the World Cup in the Netherlands!

So in a few minutes the semi finals against Argentina starts. I wanted to post this blogpost very quick! Just to show you our "Orange Fever"!! In this picture I'm wearing my I love Holland t-shirt! my very first Orange t-shirt! Also this WILD orange look I thank to Memebox Orange Colorbox!! Perfect timing!

The close up!
So I've made an orange look with an aegyosal touch xD Always keep it cute. I've totally blended the orange eyeshadow for a wild look and roughly set the orange eyeliner :) We are not going to a fashion show; WE ARE GONNA WATCH THE WORLD CUP!

The last game
We didn't know it was going to last so long! I shot this picture at 0:09 ;)
Our Secret keeper brought us further!

This is what we eat the whole week.
No I'm kidding! I do make that Orange cheesecake every game we play ;) Tradition!
The bread is cool and just delicious!

That's the spirit! I love the sight of this!!
Well bye bye I'm gonna watch the game NOW! :D

We lost sadly, 
but we've played awesome throughout this beautiful World Cup 2014!

Love you!