15 July 2014

I've been shopping!!

Oh honeybees... HAUL! ;)
Yesterday I had a real nice chat with the "sunflower family" about gardening and they gave me some great tips for growing and harvesting strawberries and how to get rid of snails in Eco friendly style and so much more tips :) Great people! Also my friend Sarah from bitsandboxes.com had yet again posted an amazing blogpost about what is growing in her garden. So jealous of her space! ;) All this inspired me so much; that I really needed to go shopping for more beautiful plants and flowers.

A few days ago I already worked a lot in my garden to get rid of tiny failing pumpkins and weeds. So the garden was already prepped and ready for some new color! I also did something adventures and scary but we'll see how that turns out in time!

I worked all day until dark and after I got mayor headache from the weather change. Lot's of pressure, like it was going to explode up there but it didn't. My sis was already knocked out by it. We both feel fine now :)

But it's late again, so tomorrow will come the last garden spring moments blogpost and a memebox unboxing! I'll post this week also today's garden update and of course those Crazy Mememoments with Tara!

Stay tuned for more garden, & Memefun!