30 July 2014

Jolse sale 15% off everything only a few hours left!

A perfect place for a shopaholic!
This is so not a referral blogpost or anything, This is a message for all my fellow Korean cosmetics addicts & lovers! Jolse has an amazing sale going on and it ends in like 7 hours! Their prices are so super duper cheap, I love it! I just went shopping there and bought a order from over $100 and got such good products!! Before I always went to Beautynetkorea but their shipping is so slow. This shipping time is around 10 to 15 days (to Netherlands!) 

Not to talk bad about beautynetkorea, they are awesome too but this website is just wonderful!
- Super duper fast shipping time
- Cheap and affordable prices. Ebay can't win this!
- Lots of products from lots of different good brand.
- Standard free shipping or by choice pay $2,50 to get tracking. (free over $50 purchase)
- Very cool & fast reward points system and can use even if you only have $1 rewarded.
-Very, very kind people!

What more do you want!?
Go shopping!