21 July 2014

Memebox (미미박스) Amazing new arrivals!!

memebox Special 30 Tea Cosmetics scrub box anit aging 3 미미박스 Commercial picture is created by Marjolein kucmer woman is from istock
So Memebox has 3 amazingly awesome new arrivals and I couldn't resist and bought 2 boxes! Also I didn't had a beginning picture header whatever for this blogpost so I thought let's create one in 100% Memestyle! what do you think? (ps it's the picture above this text ;) but let's continue to the new arrivals!

The 3 new boxes!
memebox Special 30 # Tea Cosmetics 미미박스 Commercial New arrival
Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics
Teas are natural wonders that have long been touted for their countless health and beauty benefits! This time, Memebox is back with the most powerful beauty benefits of various teas with our Tea Cosmetics Box! We're bringing you the most natural remedies to address all your skin care concerns! This Tea Cosmetics Box packs a punch with natural yet potent tea infused cosmetics that work to brighten dark spots, clear pores of impurities and perfect a glowing complexion.

memebox Special 29 # Scrub Box 미미박스 Commercial new arrival
Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box
Buff away to beauty with a head to toe squeaky clean total body scrub down! Buff away dead skin and callouses on feet until they are silky soft to perfection! Exfoliate away dead skin cells for a healthy, rosy glow! Scrub down your body for smooth and sexy skin, and show some love to your scalp with intense scalp scaling treatments! Scrub away to reveal a more polished and healthier new you!

memebox Superbox 50 # Anti-Aging 3 미미박스 Commercial New arrival
Superbox #50 Anti-Aging 3
Far gone are the days when women start to worry about aging in their 40s. The onset of aging woes come earlier in a woman’s life these days (try 20s!) due to stress, pollution, prolonged exposure and etc, resulting in the premature onset of dreaded wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. So now, meet the power players of anti-aging skin care and counteract all the visible signs of aging, including lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration! Upgrade your beauty loot and stop time so that you can have beautiful skin longer! 

The new box value Sets

Scrub Box + Tea Cosmetics + Anti-Aging 3
Tea Cosmetics + Anti-Aging 3
Scrub Box + Tea Cosmetics
Scrub Box + Anti-Aging 3

Coupon Codes!
S9GKE2 Get 5$ off any purchase! (exp: 7-31-2014)
MEMEBUNDLE3 Get $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 Get $8 off for 4 Memeboxes or more

Shopping spree!
So I've bought the Scrub + Tea cosmetics box value set. I really loved all the products from the minibox #3 and that one was all about tea and about the scrub box. I really love to work in my garden a lot if you didn't noticed already and yes you'll get very dirty when you work hard, so I never ever can have enough scrub products ;) Did you bought any of these boxes?

Stay tuned for more Memefun!