12 July 2014

Memebox craziness sneakpeak + update!

*I'm involved!*
So I wanted to share with you my Memebox blog & review system and of course someone wants to be involved. I let her ;) One of these days I'll post the full blogpost about this online. She did ruined a few Memebox information cards, She loves memebox so much! haha

I need the sun!
Also I'm desperately waiting for the sun because I want to shoot some more unboxings and I really love the sun. I don't want to keep running around with a daylight lamp. Don't like that lighting. So if the sun doesn't show up anytime this week there will be less unboxings and more of other stuff (Memebox unboxings need to be sunny and pretty. Yes that's also an obsession!;)

The Netherlands need to play tonight, I really hope they win!!

Dragon Age 2
So I've played Dragon Age 1 + dlc and it was amazing. Now I just started off in Dragon Age 2 and it's cool but not amazing yet. I hope it will get awesome soon. PS I'm skipping a lot of dialogs. these kind of RPG dialogs are so slow and so TMI! I do listen and read the dialogs of for example Dead Island, because it's short, good info and awesome!