31 July 2014

Memebox (미미박스) Global valueset!, August coupon code, spoilers etc!!

memebox global 17 18 19 value set sets 미미박스 Commercial discount sale coupon codes august 1st deals deal limited valueset
Time to go shopping!!
So I just refreshed my email and saw that the Memebox global valueset #17 ~ #19 was available and without thinking I've bought it! I just bought Memebox global #17 yesterday so I asked them to cancel ;) I really love these global editions so much. but this was not all what the amazing Memebox email said. Let's continue!

New August coupon code!
EP3Y Get 5$ off any purchase! (exp: 8-31-2014)

New Arrivals!
memebox global 17 18 19 value set sets 미미박스 Commercial
Memebox Global #17~#19
It has been a while since we released a Memebox bundle package, but no worries because Memebox is releasing the new bundle package from its MEMEBundle series, which includes boxes #17, #18 and #19!Be sure to check out our new shipping offers where you only pay the one-time shipping charge of $6.99-already included in the purchase price-and the shipping charges for the remaining 2 boxes will be on us!Get your hands on the MEMEBundle that you've all been anticipating and be the first to check out the latest beauty trends from Korea. Pre-order your MEMEBundle before they sell out!

memebox global Vitamin Care Cooling Care Aloe Vera Collagen Cosmetics 12 13 30 33 미미박스 Commercial
4 amazing boxes in one valueset!
And I know, I already have 2 of them!

Wednesday boxes
Memebox Special #34 Whole Grain 2 미미박스 CommercialMemebox Collaboration #1 Memebox X Pink Diary 미미박스 Commercial

Limited deals!
memebox 미미박스 Commercial superbox value sets free upgrade express shipping august discount sale
Shop for boxes that are ready to ship and ready to go! Ends August 3rd
You get FREE express shipping for only $6,99!! What's holding you back?! 

memebox 미미박스 Commercial 50% discount sale grinif kocostar cleansing bar cream mist powder ampoule balm nail primer
Only today: Up to 50% off Grinif & Kocostar. Ends tomorrow ;)
We already saw a few products of this amazing brand passing by in our Memeboxes and now you can buy them in their webshop! Who can't say no to the best of the best!

memebox 미미박스 Commercial ljh aromatica it's skin only use delivery free fast shipping limited stock august discount sale
Special USE-only shop sells: LJH, Aromatica & It's Skin. Limited Stock!
This exclusive selection of products ship super quick, direct from our USA warehouse. Products only available for delivery to USA addresses.
I don't like it that they don't ship these to Europe!

Superbox #41 My Cute Wishlist: Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick
Randomly selected from Seedless Strawberry Candy, Oh! Orange Candy, Sour Lemon Candy
Enriched with bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick is a gloss type lip tint that moisturizes and plumps up your dry, chapped lips for a long-lasting radiance.

I hope you'll enjoy shopping, I did ;) and remember the global valueset will be sold out very fast! So don't hesitate too long. 

Stay tuned for more Memefun!