01 July 2014

Memebox (미미박스) Nakedbox #15

Naked again!
So again when buying this Memebox you already know what's inside. This is for people who doesn't wan't surprises are want to restock their favorite memebox products at home. I wanted to try this out and I've bought Nakedbox #14 and Nakedbox #15. Today i'm gonna show you what's inside Nakedbox #15. In my previous blogpost you see Nakedbox #14 unboxed.

Caolion - Moon pool deep cleansing
fullsize 75ml $19
This oil-free, gentle-to-skin cleanser cleanses your skin by melting all your makeup off. It doesn't matter if it's waterproof.

Nuganic Customize - Leaf Pore Essence
fullsize 30ml $46
Reduces appearance of dilated pores and helps against blackheads and pimples.

Peripera - Peri tint mini mandarin juice
2,5ml $2,69 / fullsize 6.5ml $7
With this buildable orange-red tint you can create transparent or a vived on your lips and cheeks. This stain will last gfor 5 hours.

TonyMoly - Bcdation spf 30 pa ++ - Pink beige + 1ml sample
7g $3,78 / fullsize 50g $27
This BCdation is a BB + CC cream. It will give you full coverage and spf 30 will protect you from the sun. Created with the best components of BB & CC creams.

Unnie-cream - Moisturizing water bomb
fullsize 75g $20
This powerfull, long-lasting cream with 9 essential oils will hydrate your skin. It traps moisture by hyaluronic acid. Your skin will feel mooist, smooth and will look younger.

Do you want to buy a Memebox? A Memebox? YES, a Memebox!
Then click the picture above! :)

What I paid:
The box costs $23 + $6,99 shipping.
I paid $23 and $0,49 shipping costs.
I had 6 points on my account.
I had another item in this order with same price.

 The value
Nakedbox #15 is worth $91,47

Conclusion: more Pore control essence!
I really wanted more Nuganic pore control essence, I'm using that product like crazy, I love it so much! Also on the Memebox picture on the website it said you also would get the Recipe by Nature slowganic cleansers. This was a tiny flaw and for everyone who bought it, you got 6 points on your account for the confusion. I was realyl happy with those points,; because I already have those cleansers!. The rest of this box is cool too, haven't tried anything yet. I'll do reviews about these products but mostly when I've run out of something or in need of something new. But if you want me to review a product(s) now, just ask in the comments. Also check out my next blogpost for an awesome discount code I've got from Memebox! (If it's not there yet, just wait, I'm still writing it;)

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!