25 July 2014

Strained my back badly!

*Where ever you are, I'm there!*
Today was a very busy day and somehow I strained my back very badly. So everything I had planned for today's blogpost are paused and I'll get back to it as soon as my back feels better. Writing this short blogpost is "do-able", so you better read what I have to say because it hurt like crazy to do this.

Grandmothers birthday and grocery shopping
Today is my grandma's birthday, she turned 80 :) and my mom went to her, I needed to mind Tara and my sis was working so I'll visit my sweet grandma's a another time. My sister and I gave her a beautiful Clear Quarts and this was really, really clear. It's a good gemstone for giving energy and back problems... omg serious! I've never should give that stone away haha, kidding!
But because of this we had to wake up very earlier to do some weekend groceries and my sisters boyfriends will be here any second now and he eat too so more food =  heavier grocery backs. Putting those back in the car did hurt for a short while but not like: o that's it!

Psychic moment
When I was walking with the shopping cart back to the car my mind said suddenly to me stop moving you're in pain and 2 seconds after that I hit my foot very hard against the shopping cart wheels by accident and my nail was broken and ouchy!

Filmed 3 videos!
So today I was home alone.. that's new! ;) so I did something crazy and recorded 3 videos in the living room! (normally in my bedroom) Also when I was posing for the yt thumbnail my neighbors stepped into their car and suddenly saw my day light lamp and me posing cute... that was so unbelieabe uncomfortable! Here in the Netherlands it's just too weird to talk against a camera and even weirder with lots of gear! xD

When I was done making the videos I stood up and omg the pain, the pain!! I think with the heavy grocery shopping bags and the maybe weird movements to work with the camera did it!

I also bought a Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Solar Bobble heads for really cheap price. I could make an amazing deal with the seller! Can't wait for them to get here!

Also now I'm going to rest and 
hope for my back pain to go away fast!
See you tomorrow!