19 July 2014

Tara photoshoot 16th of June Couch cushion adventure at day

*For meeee*
So we've bought new inside pillows for our couch because the previous was a fail. We had to hit it back in shape everyday and it was all bubbly! We gave the biggest old inside pillow to Tara. She reacted really with a slow "omg" face and stepping on it. And then she was glued to it.

Understanding the signs
Everything between * will be Tara's thoughts that are true or made up.
All other text are my spoken words or blog words. I can also give her a command or a question (she is smart enough to know the difference.) Command; she must do what I say. Question; I would like if she does it, but she doesn't need to. This I'll also write before the text if necessary.

*I feel good!*
Like I said glued. Totally flat and she let go of all muscle tension.

*What, no.. mine!*
I've said to her: I'm going to get your paws! 

*Best gift ever*
I think she looks so cute on this cushion! It really makes her look younger :)
(who needs anti age products, just buy a bigger bed! xD)

She really looks like she's posing. Does she knows I'm holding a camera!? :O

*I smell you!*
So I wanted to try and take a good and blurry picture of her nose with lots of details I think it worked ;)

In all these pictures I love how the lighting falls on her. I just want to really post all of the pictures but that's just too much. I already have to split this adventure into half.

The next photoshoots will be about:
Her couch cushion adventure at night
A tiny bit of delicious cake, Tara and egg.
Tara & me on couch cushion.

Stay tuned for more fun with Tara.