21 July 2014

Tara photoshoot 16th of June New sofa bed at nighttime

*What more pictures!?*
She's chilling around on her cushion and suddenly noticed I was there... again! This is really her most favorite spot in the evening and late night now. Also with the hot weather she doesn't really want to but she can't resist haha. It's really cute how much she loves it.

*That was fun*
We've just finished playing the "I'm going to get your paws game" again. She loves so much! Also I noticed I was apparently writing some memeblogposts (see stack behind her) and calculating prices is my best guess haha!

*closet.. bone?*
Suddenly she points her face in the direction of the closet en started asking for bones xD like the paw game wasn't enough.

*love you*
I've pushed her a bit back on her pillow, so she could lay down properly. I was tired too of playing the paw game.

*Oh well I'm tired anyway*
No hesitation and she laid down like this. Pulling her paws close to her. So cute!

*Where you going?*
I stood up because I thought she would go to sleep after that. Nope still awake enough to want to know where I go.

Then she knew it was time to relax and she laid down her head like this, How could I resist to take a picture like that!? 

So these are the pictures of the first day of her new sofa cushion. It's broken and fixed already and it has now a sleeve around it. and she still loves it! :)

The next photoshoots will be about:
A tiny bit of delicious cake, Tara and egg.
Tara & me on couch cushion.
And more!

Stay tuned for more fun with Tara.