07 July 2014

Woops! Forgot to write a Memeblogpost!

poppies poppy world cup update marjolein kucmer picture canon 700d
So today I've been taking a lot of new Memebox pictures to write more and more memebox unboxings. I am planning on writing some Japanese candy blogpost. For these coming days. This evening I've should have written a Memebox unboxing but I totally forgot because...

My sister and I were so busy shopping online! From 8 PM till 1:30 AM. There was a little sale and awesome new arrivals (a Dutch store) I found a beautiful futuristic blazer, oil dyed red jeans with cool details, a flowy green/grey blazer, lace pink t-shirt and 2 oil dyed maxi dresses they are so pretty! I went for a earthy/cute/futuristic and autumn theme and my sister went for a lavender/sweet/cute and paradise theme.

Also this week were are going shopping for some more stuff (maybe more clothing!)
It's so strange to me, I hardly ever go shopping in the Netherlands anymore, everything is so expensive! :O Thou I've used a €10 off coupon like 4 times :)

The pretty poppy
A few days ago I've walked around the neighborhood to take some World Cup decoration pictures and when I came back home, I saw this very pretty poppy in my garden. All others already done. The leaves looks so pretty and silky! So no Memeblogpost, but I hope you can enjoy this picture.

Good night / have a great day