14 August 2014

Forever young, almost 24!!

No she's just 10 and never acts like it
I thought this picture best states my feelings about aging. No matter what age you are you are always beautiful and crazy! :D Enjoy life! But like Memebox often tells us to start with anti-aging products when you hit 24. I'll better listen and buy that anti-aging box xD haha

About picking the Memebox winners
So tomorrow is my birthday and I have a quite busy day planned. I think I will probably announce the winners in "my" evening. So that's around 12 PM PST I think :)

About Memebox reviews
I've said this already in my previous post but I'll say it here again
Also about the reviews I'm currently changing my review idea, because It's insane to write reviews in the speed I've used them and in the order of how many Memeboxes arrive. Almost 100 Memeboxes and to write a review about every product with my lovely dyslexia (isn't going so fast then) I thought of maybe fill a box with used, empty or requested Memebox products and then make a review video! That's way faster than, time to edit pictures, write long texts with probably using lots of the same word as: lovely, soft, super, amazing etc. And to edit a video is easy and I can include more than just 4 products, so that's an idea! :)

My hand/thumb injury
Luckily my hand/thumb is feeling way better, it almost got worse again because I got suddenly very heavy free bags to carry :O

About those bags
I went to the supermarket to get some baking mix for tomorrow and then I saw RASPBERRIES and I couldn't leave them. I took the last two boxes and I noticed in 1 box was had mold in there. I went to someone who worked there and showed it. They say I'll get the other box for free and that I could get a bag full of 5 full products of fruits and veggies!! :O So I got 1 box of strawberries, 1 box or red berries, 1 box of blackberries, 1 melon and 2kg of apples!! I'm going to bake an apple pie for Saturday for when my dad visits for my birthday!:) Today I'm going to bed early for a change! (no 3AM today!)

I hope you had/have a wonderful day,
please share in the comments! :D