16 August 2014

Just some things

marjolein Kucmer tara labrador blond cute adorable kawaii keai aegyo sun summer sunlight august birthday bday 15th 2014 tired sleeping party
Curious lady
So I've planned my birthday wider than just 1 day. Today was my birthday; day 2 and it was a busy day. Super duper tired now but I'm going to play with my awesome birthday gift now! (probably also playing with it tomorrow) I'll write a blogpost about that later :)

Just some things
Also I took pictures of a huge Japanese candy haul and I'll post that haul & review soon. Had a piece from my amazing homemade apple pie! (pictures soon!). Just watched Bad Neighbors and that was awesome!! Recommend that movie! (It's better than the trailer!). Brushed Tara today, because She's already creating her winter coat. I've been super duper tired from yesterday when I had to pick the giveaway winners, I went to bad around 4 AM I think! And some other things, I want to play with my gift now ;)

Just writing a tiny blogpost just to write and not leave today empty. Don't like an empty feeling, makes my heart feel hollow xD LOL! So why not an update! :D

So what did you do today?