04 August 2014

Memebox (미미박스) 2 new awesome arrivals, valueset & spoiler!!

Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch 미미박스 CommercialMemebox Special #35 Moisture Surge 미미박스 Commercial
Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch & Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge
So I'm still thinking on which Memebox I'm going to buy, maybe both! I could always use the best of the best most favorite makeup and also when winter is coming my skin really needs more moisture. Hmm what to do, what to do... Do you know, well then read further to see the information about these 2 amazing boxes.

Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch
Everyone has got a couple of those beauty-savvy friends that always know about the hottest new makeup trends and bizarre makeup tricks. We, however, have nearly 100 of them, and every product in this box has been tried, tested, and loved by our very own Memeboxers! From eye, skin, and lip makeup, to instant makeup refreshers for throughout the day, these beauty goodies have set up permanent camp in our Memeboxers’ makeup bag, and soon, you’ll see why!Carry these nifty makeup goodies wherever you go, and you’ll be ready to glam up, or simply touch up your look with all of Meme's favorites!Find out what our Memeboxers are loving at this moment, and get a sneak peek into the “it” trend at Memebox!

Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge
It's a Dry Skin Smackdown!Dry, flaky skin sucks almost as much as breakouts and oily skin! Whether you're dealing with an all-over moisture problem or battling just a few annoying dry patches, this Moisture Surge Box will cure all, even during the harshest fall and winter months! This box will lock in moisture for a dewy and supple complexion , and fortify the skin's moisture barrier for all day hydration! Get your hydration on with Memebox because glowing skin is in!

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When you also add these to your cart; don't forget to add coupon codes! If you buy two boxes you can add the Vip code with $7 off, If you want to buy more and see what lse you can do with the coupon codes; scroll down!

Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge valueset value set express shipping 미미박스 Commercial
Moisture Surge + Meme's Pouch Valueset
If you want to buy both boxes you better buy the valueset. You'll only pay shipping costs ones and you'll get directly a free upgrade to express shipping! And dont forget the coupon codes!

 Coupon Codes!
EP3Y Get 5$ off any purchase! (exp: 8-31-2014)
MEMEBUNDLE3 Get $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 Get $8 off for 4 Memeboxes or more
FREESHIPPING on Memeshop orders above $70
Spend more than $100 (excl shipping) you'll get $5 off extra!
Spend more than $150 (excl shipping) you'll get $10 off extra!

VIP coupon codes!
TIAL Get 10% off on Orders Above $100
FEBS Get 15% off on Orders Above $150
4XRA Get $7 off shipping for 2 Memeboxes or more

Memebox Spoiler!
Superbox memebox 2014 K beauty wrap up nr 1 RiRe Lip Manicure Warm Peach Virgin Orange Deep Plum Rich Raspberry Muse Red Chiffon Coral Pink Pink 미미박스 Commercial
Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1: RiRe Lip Manicure
Randomly selected from Warm Peach, Virgin Orange, Deep Plum, Rich Raspberry, Muse Red, Chiffon Coral, Pink Pink
Rire's Lip Manicure's richly pigmented and silky smooth lip color delivers long-lasting color stay and hydration for lips, minus the  flaking or dryness. Its long-lasting and waterproof formula doesn’t smudge no matter what, and the formula dries as quickly as 30 seconds so that you can be ready in a split second!

Enjoy shopping and if you decide to buy any of these boxes, 
please tell me which and why :)

Stay tuned for more Memefun!